This year I had decided to take on a challenge I had noticed that was popular among designers on Dribbble and Behance.
This Daily UI challenege is a challege for 100 days in which designers get a prompt emailed to them upon subscribing to
dailyui.co. Each prompt that is emaied to them for 100 days is a different challenege to design a certain element such as
an email receipt, or a header nav, or check out page. At one point I decided on a whim that I should sign up and take it on
as a personal project to refine my design skills and learn through trials upon trials on what works and what doesn't. Social
Media has been a very great outlet to showcase my work, recieve feedback, make changes, and really see what users want
from designers. Being a designer is being an advocate of the user and I wanted to channel that as well as refine my
minimalistic aesthetic.

The following are links to work Days 1-100

Behance Dribble

One specific challenge had received some extra attention recently. Daily UI Challenge #06 : Social Media Profile
was featured on a UI instagram Page and on a Daily UI collection website called Collect UI.

Instagram Collect UI